Pages to earn money online

Pages to earn money online, dozens of pages to earn money

Profitable and safe faucets: is the best of all! I discovered her recently and have earned a lot of satoshis with her. Register now and start accumulating Bitcoin! 🙂

So that you can withdraw your earnings faster, for example daily, open an account at Faucetpay, there you will be able to accumulate earnings from many different faucets and you will be able to cash out sooner.

The option to invest in shares I have not checked because it takes six months to release the money invested. You can invest if you want, but remember that you should only invest what you are willing to lose. You do not need to invest to win with Cryptowin, the faucet and the ads will earn you a lot.

1. Cointiply: Earn from $ 3.5 to $ 10 a month easily. Payments through Dogecoin from 3.5 dollars and through Bitcoin from 5 dollars. Register in Cointiply

Earn Free Bitcoin

2. Free-Litecoin: earn around 400 lithoshis every hour. Withdrawals to any Litecoin address. Register at Free-Litecoin.

3. Coinpayu: Earn Bitcoin and others cryptocurrencies daily by watching ads, payments to Faucetpay from 2000 satoshis for more than ten different currencies- Register in Coinpayu.

4. FaucetCrypto: Earn 100 to 200 satoshis and withdraw them daily to Faucetpay or other wallets for more than 20 different currencies. Register at FaucetCrypto.

5. Ojooo: Veteran page, paying since 2008. Pay through Bitcoin from 2 dollars. Register in Ojooo.

6. Neobux: like Ojooo, paying since 2008. It has many forms of payment, including Bitcoin. Dependable. Register in Neobux

Presearch (Search Engine)

Earn money for your internet searches

That’s right, you can earn money for something that you are already doing daily, but that now does not generate any profit for you. It’s very simple, you just have to create an account in the Presearch (or Dsearch) search engine and start using it.

The earnings are awarded in the PRE cryptocurrency, whose project you can review on this page; you can also monitor its price on pages like CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko; at the time I write this, a PRE is worth $ 0.23, rounding it up.

When I started using it, a PRE was worth $ 0.04, as you can see, its value has grown almost five times, without a doubt, it is worth using the search engine and start earning this currency (later you can exchange it for BTC, if you want, or for other currency)

Presearch will pay you a few cents of PRE for each search, limited to only 30 or 40 searches per day. In my case, he currently pays me $ 0.10 PRE for the first 30 searches of each day, but at the beginning he paid me $ 0.25 PRE for each of the first 40 searches, everything varies in relation to the price, but it is always worth it.

How much would you have earned if Google paid you even a tenth of a penny for each search?

Remember not to abuse, use the search engine in a natural way, it is the best and fairest.

You can withdraw your coins when you have at least $ 1,000 PRE.



Earn money browsing the internet with CryptoTabBrowser.

CryptoTabBrowser is a browser-miner, you just have to install it, then register immediately with your email to generate your username and password (this step, register, is necessary to later withdraw the profits, if you do not do it you will lose what you have won) and finally you only have to activate mining to start making money.

The browser will use the resources of your PC to mine while you continue doing your daily activities. A dislike for mobile is also available, the mobile version does not exploit your team resources, it is cloud mining. Sign up to start earning and to get much more information. It’s worth it.

The minimum withdrawal is only 0.00001000 Btc

PTC’s that pay Payeer and PerfectMoney:

1. you can earn money by watching videos and by visiting websites; You can also install the extension to your browser and banners will be displayed on your screen while you browse, so you will earn money without doing anything at all. Pay from 3 cents. Register on - Banner advertising service

2. Serfbux: similar to Vuexybux, but the minimum payout is 10 cents, also for Payeer and PerfectMoney. Reliable and profitable. Register to Serfbux 

3. Pidbux: also, like Serfbux, it pays from 10 cents, equally profitable and reliable. Register to Pidbux

4. Argonclick: Pay from $ 0.02 or from 1 ruble to Payeer, Perfectmoney or Faucetpay.

5. Imdbux: Pay from $ 0.02 or from 1 ruble to Payeer, Perfectmoney or Faucetpay.

6. Challenge Bux: Similar to the previous ones, but the minimum withdrawal here is 10 cents ($ 0.10)

7. Vuexubux:  You can withdraw from 2 cents to Payeer or PerfectMoney, reliable and profitable, many daily ads. Register with Vuexybux.

PTC’s that pay Payeer and PerfectMoney:

1. Vuexubux:  You can withdraw from 2 cents to Payeer or PerfectMoney, reliable and profitable, many daily ads. 

Register with Vuexybux.

Faucetpay and its pile of faucets:

Faucetpay is a platform to earn money, but it is also a micro-wallet that works with hundreds of faucets from which you can receive automatic payments to Faucetpay after each claim, thus you accumulate all the profits from many sites in one place.

Use this link to sign up for Faucetpay. And below I leave you the list of the best and most profitable faucets:


This faucet, as in CoinAdster, I started using it quite recently, here however I have only cashed twice and am on my way to the third (in CoinAdster I have withdrawn many times). The reason is that in GraB.TC the minimum withdrawal amount is 5000 satoshis and in CoinAdster only 500.

It also has many options to earn Bitcoin, the classic ones in this type of pages, but you also do not have to use them all, as with use you will see your results and decide which ones to keep. I mostly use the faucet and the PTC ads.

In the case of CoinAdster and FaucetCrypto, the payment is processed immediately, one second after clicking the «withdraw» button, you have your satoshis available in your Faucetpay account; In the case of GraB.TC it takes a few hours, but it is paying.

Grab Bitcoin every hour for life!

Registrarse en Grab.Tc

Profitable faucets with automatic payment to your Faucetpay account:


  1. Claim up to 0.04 Dogecoin every 5 mins: Claim free Doge
  2. Claim 0.0065 Dogecoin every 5 minutes, up to 20 times a day: Claim Doge now
  3. Claim and win 0.0010 (80%), 0.0020 (10%), 0.0030 (9%), 0.0050 (1%) DOGE every 30 minute: Claim


  1. Claim up to 0.04 TRON every 5 mins: Claim TRX
  2. FaucetKingTron | From 0.006 every 5 min: Claim Tron
  3. Claim 588067 saoshis TRXs every 5 minutes: Claim Tron


  1. Claim 189 LTCs every 5 minutes: Claim Litecoin
  2. Claim up to 800 litoshi every 5 mins: Claim Litecoin


  1. Claim up to 600 dashies every 5 mins: Claim Dash
  2. Claim 168 Dashies every 5 minutes: Claim Dash now


  1. Claim 531051 satoshis every 5 minutes: Claim Digibyte
  2. Claim up to 0.04 Digibyte every 5 mins: Claim Digibyte now


  1. Claim up to 20 satoshi every 5 mins: Claim now


  1. Claim 68 satoshis every 5 minutes: Claim now


  1. Claim Z Cash every seven minutes, up to 25 times a day: Claim Z Cash
  2. Claim up to 1000 zatoshis every 5 minutes: Claim Z Cash now
  3. Claim100 to 150 zatoshis every 5 minutes: Claim Z Cash now
  4. Claim between 180 and 210 satoshi every 60 minutes: Claim Z Cash


  1. Claim up to 450 satoshi every 5 mins: Claim BNB
  2. Claim 70 BNBs satoshis every 5 minutes.. : Claim Binance Coin now


1. Claim 0.000400 USDT every 5 minutes: Claim Tether
2. Claim up to 0.002 USDT every 5 mins: Claim Tether now

(To claim here copy and paste your Tron address (TRX) from the «Deposit» section in Faucetpay). Claim earnings will appear in your Ethereum balance on Faucetpay)

  1. Claim up to 100 gwei every 5 mins: Claim Ethereum now
  2. 15 ETHs every 5 minutes: Claim Ethereum now

(To claim here copy and paste your Tron address (TRX) from the «Deposit» section in Faucetpay). Claim earnings will appear in your Ethereum balance on Faucetpay)

  1. Claim up to 0.50 Feyorra every 5 minutes: Claim Fey now
  2. 0.10182159 FEY every 5 minutes: Claim Fey now



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