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Well, I have always thought that to warn that a page is or has become a scam, it is not necessary to entertain the reader for long paragraphs, that has always seemed to me a bad and dishonest move by some bloggers to increase the time of stay of a reader on the blog. It is true that you want the reader to stay on your blog for as long as possible, but for this, I invite you to read other publications of pages that do pay. has stopped allowing withdrawals, it is not possible and to withdraw not a single TRX, therefore, if you only discover this platform, the advice is clear: DO NOT INVEST IN IT. Tron-10 has become a fraud and investors’ money has been stolen. is a fraud, it is scam, it is scam.

Fortunately, I managed to withdraw everything I had deposited and also earned about 30 TRX. I know, however, that a lot of people lost money on that scam project. I am very sorry for those who lost.

On YouTube there are a lot of videos that recommend using Tron-10, and unfortunately many youtubers decided to record that video and promote that page because Tron-10 offered them a bonus for it. Although I was tempted to do it, I did not do it because I suspected, I was sure, that Tron-10 would become a scam sooner or later, sadly it was sooner rather than later.

We must be very careful with new investment platforms, especially HYIPs (those that offer excessively good returns, much higher than most)

For some time these platforms, mostly made for theft, have offered first users rewards for promoting them on their social channels, they allow them to make withdrawals with profits and people trust themselves; That, added to the ambition that makes the user want the reward bonus, makes many promote them as the newest and most wonderful wonder (redundancy is intentional), and unfortunately this causes many new investors to decide to risk their capital; when the masses arrive and invest, the criminals close everything, as in, which disappeared overnight when people already trusted it and when, therefore, it had a lot of money, or it simply stops allowing withdrawals , like Tron-10, which still supports deposits but no longer allows withdrawals.

Out of solidarity and, above all, out of prudence, we should avoid these hasty promotions, with this we collaborate to damage their assets to small investors, people who, believe me, we have no money to spare. DON’T let ambition and individualism prevail, let’s build community and strengthen ourselves against cybercrime.

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